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Would you like to help refugee to settle down? We invite you to be part of the work we do at CWS to support refugees.

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Volunteering with the CWS’s Housing Team: Making a Difference in Refugee Resettlement.

Being a volunteer with the Housing Team means offering crucial support in the refugee resettlement process. There are numerous ways you can contribute as a volunteer:

  • Apartment Set-Ups: Join the CWS Jersey City Housing Team in preparing new homes for recently arrived refugee families. With many families resettling in Jersey City and Hudson County, your assistance in making these apartments feel like home is invaluable. [Click here] to express your interest.
  • Moving Help: Our clients not only get resettled in their new communities but also often need to move within New Jersey with their families. We are seeking volunteers to help with moving and transporting client belongings to their new homes. Your involvement can significantly alleviate the stress of moving day. [Click here] to get involved.

By volunteering with the Housing Team, you play a direct role in providing comfort and support to refugee families during their transition to a new life. Your contribution can make a meaningful impact in their resettlement journey.

Join us and be part of this essential work!

Are you ready to make a positive impact on the lives of refugees? Join us in the wonderful transformation of new lives for them.

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