Can I give by check?

Yes, to donate by check to CWS Jersey City please mail your check to P. O Box 20913 New York, NY 10025 to the attention of Church World Service Jersey City.

I recently met a refugee family in the community and would like to donate to them. Can I make a gift to this family through CWS?

We only accept earmarked donations for clients who are enrolled in our programs. If you think the family you met might qualify for our services, please encourage them to fill out this form. and we will reach out.

I want to set up a fundraiser for CWS. What are my first steps?

Please visit the following website to get started:


How can I get involved?

See our “Get Involved” page to learn more about ways to work with CWS JC to support humanitarian entrants in Northern New Jersey.

I am a migrant in need of social services. Where do I get started?

Please fill out this form.