Homecoming: Viktoriia’s path to permanent housing with CWS support

Juliia Bordiug | February 2024

Viktoriia, a Ukrainian refugee who migrated to the USA with her parents and joined her brother’s family in New Jersey, quickly found employment utilizing her professional sewing skills within a month of arriving. However, due to a lack of privacy and quiet space in her current apartment, she recognized the need to find alternative housing. Upon referral, Viktoriia sought assistance from the Housing department, where she received comprehensive guidance on the rental process, including regulations, requirements, and necessary steps to secure an apartment in New Jersey.
During the consultation, Viktoriia shared her financial situation and specific preferences regarding location and property type she was looking for.

After approximately three weeks, the Housing team offered Viktoriia with a suitable 1-bedroom apartment option in Weehawken.
After personally inspecting the apartment, she decided to proceed and signed the lease. Notably, this particular apartment was managed by a landlord affiliated with CWS, eliminating the need for a credit score check, which streamlined the process for Viktoriia. Thanks to her diligent work ethic and determination to achieve self-sufficiency in a foreign country, Viktoriia successfully secured employment, saved money, and independently rented an apartment.