Ukrainian Humanitarian Assistance

CWS has responded to the unjust and devastating war in Ukraine, by assisting Ukrainians who have recently come to the United States for safe harbor. Through a variety of programs, we work to partner with community sponsors and individuals to ensure that Ukrainians have access to housing, food, employment, cash assistance, and other benefits This program began in mid 2022, and CWS JC enrolled our first Ukrainian client on July 15th, 2022. Since then, we have increased staffing and now have a team of 14 and counting. We expect to serve approximately 1,000 Ukrainian clients in 2023.


PC-Gaps is a program that serves Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees, most commonly people who are a part of the Uniting for Ukraine program. We offer intake, evaluation, and referral services, ensuring that our clients receive all of the services for which they are eligible. Our skilled, Ukrainian and Russian speaking case managers, assist clients with Medicaid enrollment, cash assistance, and other programs. PC-Gaps clients are a part of this program for 90 days, at which time clients receive further help from case managers in our Refugee Social Services programs.


CWS received a generous grant from the United Methodist Committee on Relief to assist Ukrainian humanitarian entrants who were not granted parole by the federal government. UMCOR recognized in early 2022 that, while the US government would ultimately roll out programs to help many Ukrainians refugees, some individuals, especially those who were quickest to flee Ukraine, might not meet the specifications of the federal assistance program. Ukrainians Without parole status, some Ukrainian clients rely on the UMCOR grant to help them access housing and acquire essential resources. A dedicated Ukrainian-speaking case manager assists these clients with skill and compassion.