Church World Service is a faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

CWS Jersey City remains committed to serving our clients while honoring public health best practices. Your donations will help us support those who need it most.

Local Response to Global Crisis

At this time, we are seeking monetary donations to support families from Afghanistan, Haiti, Ukraine, and other crisis zones through our donation page.

If you are interested learning how you can support refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers from these countries and beyond please fill in this form so we can contact you.

Follow CWS Jersey City on Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter for updates.

Looking for Assistance?

If you are an asylee, asylum-seeker, or immigrant seeking assistance and would like someone to contact you, please fill out this form.

Please be advised that because of a high volume of new clients, it make take us some time to respond.