Finding Home: Oleg and Vladyslava’s transition with CWS support

Juliia Bordiug | February 2024

Oleg and Vladyslava were compelled to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and subsequently arrived in the USA in 2023. After residing in Connecticut for a few months with their sponsor, they made the decision to relocate to New Jersey in pursuit of enhanced employment prospects. Recognizing their urgent circumstances, Oleg and Vladyslava sought assistance from CWS and were referred to the Housing department.
The Housing department promptly provided temporary shelter, specifically designed for emergency situations, to accommodate this young family. Throughout their stay, the Housing team maintained regular communication with the clients, offering guidance and support to foster self-sufficiency and facilitate the search for permanent housing.
Comprehensive consultations were conducted, during which the family received valuable insights into the current rental market in New Jersey, along with detailed instructions on the necessary steps to become successful tenants.
Upon settling into the shelter, Oleg and Vladyslava diligently pursued employment opportunities and were able to secure jobs within a few weeks. Although the Housing team presented several permanent housing options during this period, the clients opted to remain in the shelter for the entirety of the allowed duration, utilizing this time to save money and meticulously plan their
transition. After three months, the family had accumulated sufficient funds for their future move-in and gathered official paystubs to demonstrate their financial stability to potential landlords.
Eventually, they successfully secured a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey, which they shared with another Ukrainian tenant who had also been residing in our shelter.