Ahmad and His Family’s Story

Kalimah Tillman | February 2024

Introducing Ahmad and his family, a strong six-member family that consists of his wife and four kids. There were special obstacles to overcome to find a permanent home for a family of this size. In my capacity as their Housing Coordinator, I set out to locate a suitable home since I understood how crucial stability is for a family of this size. After initially finding temporary housing, the housing team was able to locate a permanent, secure, and sanitary house in Carteret, NJ, in less than two weeks.

It took more than just getting a roof over their heads; it also involved making sure the house was equipped to the family’s satisfaction. The moment Ahmad and his family entered their new house with beaming smiles on their cheeks perfectly captured the significant influence of our work. This success story demonstrates the commitment of a housing coordinator in overcoming placement challenges and, in the end, creating a safe sanctuary where Ahmad and his family may start over with a renewed feeling of optimism and security.