Asylee Services
Case management and job placement assistance is available to asylees living in New Jersey. If you have been recently granted asylum (or know someone who has) please call the CWS Jersey City office at 201-659-0467 or email

Case Management
CWS Case Managers assist new arrivals with accessing the information and services they need to succeed. Their services include home and community orientation, application assistance for public benefits including social security cards, food stamps, and Medicaid, short- and long-term case planning support, and ongoing one-on-one follow up to help refugees and asylees meet their goals for self-sufficiency in the US.

The majority of refugees currently being resettled in New Jersey by CWS are coming from refugee camps and urban environments where they were at times unable to access adequate health care. CWS staff work with newly arrived families to assess and address their health needs and help them begin on a path for a healthy future.

Job Preparation
Our employment team and volunteers help to prepare new arrivals for the American workplace with through employment classes, resume building, mock interviews, online bios, and in the field practice. Their efforts provide clients with the skills and confidence they need to not only obtain their first jobs in America, but to be successful in their positions long term.

Job Placement and Follow Up
Employment is the key to establishing long term self-sufficiency and is an important avenue for new arrivals not only to earn income but also to practice their English language skills and learn about the culture of their new community. Employment Specialists work with employers and clients long after job placement and provide technical support when necessary to ensure successful partnerships for all involved.

If you are an employer interested in hiring CWS Jersey City clients, please email us at

Basic Needs Support
CWS partners with the community to support refugees and asylees in safe and affordable housing. We provide basic home furnishings and household supplies, utility connections and access to a phone, culturally appropriate food, and sufficient clothing to begin their new life in New Jersey.