CWS Receives Donations from Union Congregational Church

Representatives from Church World Service (CWS), Jersey City, Housing Team were honored guests at Union Congregational Church on Sunday, October 8th, during their worship service. They took the opportunity to share the mission behind their work in support of refugees.

In an inclusive activity, children in attendance were educated on the importance of helping those in need. Each child placed donated items into a collection basket while learning about humanitarian efforts.

Amidst applause and gratitude, members of the church made generous donations of hygiene and care products for refugees assisted by CWS.

Through the presentations by CWS representatives, attendees gained insight into CWS’s mission and the dedicated work of the Housing Team. Success stories of clients who, with the foundation’s support and the generosity of donors, have progressed towards self-sufficiency were shared.

However, the presentation also shed light on the current challenges faced by humanitarian work, emphasizing the need for greater support and integration from society. The clients benefiting from CWS’s services are individuals fleeing their countries due to situations such as war, poverty, political persecution, and other extreme circumstances.

With a vision of a world where everyone has food, a voice, and a safe place to call home, the CWS Jersey City representatives expressed heartfelt appreciation for the contributions received from the congregation. They also called for collaborative efforts to collectively build a better world each day.